Our promise to you

Our supporters make all that we do possible.

Your support of disadvantaged children makes you a valuable member of the Friends-International family. Because your generosity helps save lives and build futures for thousands of marginalized children across South East Asia and the world, we strive to provide you with a seamless experience throughout your partnership with us.

In appreciation for all you do in support of our work, here is Our Promise to You.

Honesty and Transparency
We promise to allocate your contributions as directed, and to spend your funds in the most cost-effective and impactful way to help children in need. As such, Friends-International does not spend your donations on printing or postage; all of our donor care activity is completed virtually and is cost-free.
Friends-International abides by an Ethical Fundraising & Financial Accountability Code which includes policies on: Donors & Public Representations; Fundraising Practices; Financial Practice & Transparency; and, Contentious Donors.

Where Your Money Goes
We report openly and transparently on the operation of all programs via our Annual Report and Annual Financial Report, both of which are available to the public. When you donate $1, we only spend $0.03 on essential administrative costs, $0.04 to raise the next dollar, and $0.93 on children and their families. Find out more about our finances.

We promise to provide personalized, quality donor care at all times. If you have questions about a PayPal contribution, please contact Kanchan. If you have questions about our work, want to create a fundraising event or to discuss a potential partnership with Friends-International, contact Patricia.

We promise to show our appreciation by providing: an automated donation receipt (via PayPal) to confirm your transaction, and a personalized e-letter to thank you for your valuable contributions. Select support offices around the world provide tax deductible receipts for your accounting purposes.
We also list all major gift supporters on our website and often profile key donors to publicly show our deep appreciation of your support. We will never do this without your consent, participation and sign-off.